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Connect, discover and collaborate with new and interesting people.


Discover opportunities to network and authentically connect.


Heart felt stories that touch, moves and inspire.

Our Mission

Empowering the hopes, dreams, imagination, knowledge and talents of every person by creating a place to connect and a way for every voice to be heard using media and technology leveraged by communities working together to broadcast globally.

1 What is Hope?
2 Hope for Healing
3 Support for People
4 Hope Media
What is Hope?

Collaborative Influence Network

Every person is their own network of conversations and access to influence. Working together we can share our social capital to reach wider audiences. With the power of Hope Media we can catapult stories from local networks to global broadcasts.

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Collaborative Influence Network
Hope for Healing

Individuals, Families & Communities

People are the backbone of communities and communities support people and families. The world thrives on empowered individuals which is empowered by community. By breeding a culture of people first we transform toxic organizational culture.

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Individuals, Families & Communities
Support for People

Unleashing the Power of Community

By giving individuals the power to access and build communities we are rebuilding localized economies and helping people to access human resources and connection.

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Unleashing the Power of Community
Hope Media

Stories That Move Networks

Brand recognition is all about a story and message. We believe the most engaging stories are ones that help people to realize new possibilities which inspires hope.

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Stories That Move Networks

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Hope for Healing


Upcoming Campaigns

Join one of our movements or events and take part in this journey of Hope. If you are a community leader and want to discuss our business services (including platform and media development) please visit our corporate site and inquire within. 

Only You Can Make a Difference

Global media campaign telling the stories of ordinary people making an extraordinary difference.

Hope for Healing

Creating connection and community to foster healing from loneliness, isolation, trauma and addiction.

Hope for Men

A revolutionary event… a network of communities providing a safe space for men to share vulnerably and be supported.

Hope for Women

A community and event for women to stand and rise together; to continue their movement by creating purpose and power in their lives.

Hope for Recovery

Confronting the problems of addiction and the stigma that puts walls between people thwarting connection

Hope Pro

Community Builder

Expanded Technology for people with dreams to make the world a better place.

Platform Features

Event Management

Create and list events and manage registrations.


Build interactive community experiences and integrate them to your community groups.

E- Commerce

Sell digital product, offer commissions and run fundraising campaigns

Social Groups

Build and manage community, integrate your zoom account and courses in one spot!

Community Directory

List, engage and discover a vast network of prospects, partners and service providers. 

Instant Messaging

Stay connected with friends and communities with our built in chat

Co-Founder and CEO

Nathan is an innovator, entrepreneur and community activist. He started his career as a marketing intern in his Uncle’s business. He went on the manage a digital overhaul of a business finance company and numerous other web and media campaigns across the personal development and healthcare fields.

Nathan’s work led him to Tesla Motors in 2013, a year of critical growth for the company. Though he was a top performer and had a bright future, he took a risk and left a safe career to pursuit his dreams of leaving a mark worthy of his life…

Nathan BenAmoz

Hope, Just Share it!

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